Training with experienced professionals that possess the desire to share their extensive knowledge provides you the path to develop understanding of protective doctrine in the shortest possible time. ITG®’s coaching and mentoring approach insures that our students achieve their goals and develop skills, knowledge and abilities that are realistic and proven in the field. Our instructors are personable and approachable. Our training philosophy focuses on achieving training objectives but recognizes that there is a learning curve that cannot be exceeded.

Unlike some of our competitors, we understand that most adults have worked over-time somewhere along their career paths and do not hinder training retention by imposing artificial burdens on our students to somehow prove that the field is a demanding one. We do not expect you to pay us to impose physical fitness routines upon you during the valuable training hours available each day. You are investing in your professional development and we provide return upon your investment by focusing your efforts on learning the skills, gaining the knowledge and developing the abilities needed to be successful in this field. We will challenge you, provide you with more information than you expect and support you throughout the training process.


ITG® combines all the things you need to know into one course. You do not have to take protection training from one source and find another to learn the necessary driving skills. You will not have to seek tactical training, Attack on Principal Drill, or even training in etiquette somewhere else. Invest in yourself in a cost efficient way to get the kind of professional development program you deserve! Through our proven training methods, ITG® empowers our students to become professional protection agents.

Training:  The doctrine that ITG® teaches for all of our training programs is a recognized doctrine utilized by various federal agencies, including the US State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security Services, the US Department of Defense and meets the doctrinal requirements for individual certification by the American Board for Certification in Dignitary and Executive Protection. Once our students meet the other requirements such as being able to articulate at least two years of cumulative experience, they will be eligible to test for certification from this independent professional association offering the only credible certification in the dignitary and executive protection field today!

ITG® leverages its professional relationships with various law enforcement agencies to provide our open enrollment training programs at respected law enforcement training centers. As a result, our students benefit from real world practical exercises conducted in the public environment at real world locations, dealing with real world issues. Immediately applying the skills, knowledge and abilities learned throughout our training programs, our students emerge with the confidence and competence necessary to work in the varied environments they will face in their future careers.

Lodging:  ITG® leverages the power of negotiation and volume pricing and enters into arrangements with hotels in the areas we offer open enrollment training programs in to provide our students with rooms at below rack rate costs. These hotels will allow sharing of rooms for our students who desire to conserve their funds in this manner and ITG® will endeavor to link students together who share this desire.

Post Graduate Support

Students are offered suggestion and support in our Executive Protection Agent’s Training Course on how to network, develop resumes and seek employment within this field. ITG®’s instructor staff and panel of industry veterans have years of experience in hiring dignitary and executive protection agents and openly share their knowledge and support with our students. They will offer to review your resume and make constructive recommendations for any enhancements that could benefit the writer in finding jobs in this industry. They know how to interpret your professional background and articulate strengths that are relevant and desired by employers in this field.

Support does not end at graduation day; once you are a member of the ITG® Alumni Association, you will be added to the alumni mailing list. Quality job announcements made by organizations that desire individuals with ITG® training and other job networking venues that reach ITG® are broadcast only to this alumni association mailing list.

Once a member of the ITG® Alumni Association you are welcome to contact us at any time so that we may be of assistance to you!